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Oasis Active – Review

Oasis Active is a huge free dating site that started in Australia and has now branched out into other countries. If you live in Australia you may have seen this ad:

I have been a member of this particular sight for about four years and have had some success. It is simple and allows quick, free chat with members however there are also many cons. So daters let’s weigh it up.

* It’s free
* You can limit searches by location
* It has a chat function so you can monitor how much personal information you give
* You can contact people immediately
* It has a list of all your chat contacts which you can order by who is online
* It has live activity updates

* It’s full of advertising (the trade off for it being free)
* The chat function is clunky and the chat panes block your viewing pages
* It is hard to delete people from your contact list en masse.
* You have to send a message when you contact or deny a person’s contact request that comes from a very limiting list
* It gives you extensive lists of matches based only on the most basic strictures, meaning it doesn’t take into account interests or values.
* If you are someone who likes to look at personal pages a few time it will show up in the other persons activity feed.
* It’s full of pervs and bots (you will run into more bots if you are looking to date women and pervs if you are a bisexual or lesbian woman)

Furthermore to that last point here are some excerpts from real conversations I have had, all before a hello was said:
“I am married but I was wondering if you wanted some sexy fun”
“My boyfriend and I are looking for another woman  to join us”
“Will you punish me mistress?”
“I am looking for a wife”
“What is your hotmail address”
“Want to see me cum on cam?”

Oh yes my dears all of the archetypal jerks that exist on craigslist exist here too.
These are just a few examples, there are hundreds more. Which brings me to a few tips:
1. Be discerning about who you allow to talk to you
2. If there are things you really don’t like in a partner be sure and state that in your profile
3. Pictures get you a lot more hits
4. As always take my tips on setting up your profile and be careful when deciding to meet people you’ve talked to

Rating: 2.5/5

As always my little daters, have fun, be safe and find love and until next time,

Later Dater!


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